AVR- autorun virus removal

AVR - a program to detect and remove Worm:W32 AutoRun virus.Variants in the Worm:W32 AutoRun family are worms that spread by copying themselves into the root directories of hard drives and other writable media such as USB memory sticks. These worms create an autorun.inf file in the root directories of drives they want to infect. The autorun.inf includes the name andpath of the actual worm executable. When an infected media device (such as a CD, DVD orUSB drive) is inserted into the computer, the autorun.inf and consequently the actual malicious program is automatically executed. In addition to drives on the local computer, an Autorun worm can also spread to remote computers by infecting shared network drives. Members of the AutoRun family also often contain other functionality in addition to just spreading. This infection method is often used to propagate malicious payloads, such as a backdoor, password stealer, or some other kind of trojan. Download


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