Advanced Wifi Lock (Free)

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Attempts to fix Wifi Sleep problems.
This app forces wifi to stay connected when the screen is turned off and should work on all devices (phone or tablet).
• Stops wifi disconnecting when screen is turned off
• Optional timeout so you don't accidentally leave the phone awake for too long
• Ability to automatically disable wifi if you get disconnected from your wireless Access point (e.g. out of range)
• No ads!
Full Version Includes:
• Widget to quickly enable/disable
• Customisable timeout
• Option to ignore timeout when device is charging
• Fully customisable 'Auto Disable Grace Period'
Confirmed working on the ZTE Blade/Orange San Francisco, Sony Tablet S, Samsung Galaxy Ace.
If this app works for you, please consider buying the full version.
Please Note: This app uses a wake-lock to prevent the phone from sleeping, leaving the phone in a wake-state for too long will use excessive battery power.
The Timeout starts from when the screen is turned off, and gets reset when the screen is turned back on.
Exclude this app from any automatic task killers.
App2sd is disabled because it's not compatible with this type of application.


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