Android Explorer for SkyDrive

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A cleaner, simpler Microsoft SkyDrive experience!
Android Explorer for SkyDrive is a free and ad-free client for the Microsoft SkyDrive cloud storage service. AES makes SkyDrive feel like a natural extension of your phone!
View your images, photos and videos or listen to music straight from the cloud, and save any file to your phone with a single click!
Uploading files is as easy as hitting the Share-button, or opening the app and hitting the upload button. With automatic camera image uploading turned on you don't even need to do anything, AES does the job for you!
Have several files you want to upload? No problem! AES supports batch uploading and downloading, as well as other batch operations.
It's a breeze to find the perfect spot for your file, or even create a new folder if the right one isn't there yet. Not satisfied with where you put it? Move or copy it to anywhere in your SkyDrive. You can rename and delete files and folders to!
Icon by Tom Emery
About the SkyDrive permissions:
- "Access information at all times" is used for auto-login after you has signed in once
- "SkyDrive" is used for obvious reasons
These permissions are for Windows Live only. They do not affect the permissions used on your phone!


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