App2SD - Save phone storage

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App2SD helps to save internal storage of phone.
App2SD helps to save the internal storage of phone, very easy to use!
Notice: App2SD cannot be used to backup apps or data to SD card, after factory reset, all apps will be erased!

Features :
* List all installed apps
* App to sd - Move app to SD card if it could be moved
* Move apps back to phone internal storage from SD card
* Clear Apps Cache
* Sort app by name, install date, app size
* Show total internal storage and available internal storage
* Show total storage of SD card and available storage
* Uninstall app
* Open/Switch to app
* Search app in google market
* Notification when there is new app installed which can be moved to SD card
* Warning on not recommended moving
* Support Android 2.2/2.3
If someone interested in participating in translation of the app to Portuguese, please contact us!
The following devices do not support the "App 2 SD" function:
* tablets that runs Android 3.x system
Users report the following devices do not support the "Clear all cache" function:
* HTC Thunderbolt
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