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Auto On Off flight mode Scheduler
Version 1.1: Fixed the crash with ICS builds for Samsung Devices. Everybody can use this wonderful utility now!
- Make sure that you do not have any other power/radio On-Off management SW installed. Some can cause conflicts with Auto On-Off.
- Switching off the device is not possible. Also Android HW and SW as of now does not support device wake-up alarms i.e. you cannot expect the functionality of powering up the device from a power off state like you do in BB/Nokia, etc.
- To shutdown the device, you need root access. I have not included that functionality. This application will only turn off all the radios i.e. make Airplane mode on and off at the specified time.
I have now added a preference for 12/24 hour time format view. Please don't downgrade the application just because you can't change the time format. If you need new features, send me an email and make a request. Thank you for your support. It will help me build better FREE applications with your desired features.
There was a bit map error on some devices which reported failure. I have now rectified it.
Tested with rooted HTC DHD running HoneySense3D 1.1.
Please send me an email if this still does not work on any device. Also attach logcat messages if possible along with Device type and Android version.
Auto On-Off Flight Mode scheduler. An easy, nice and simple application to automate the Flight Mode Scheduling. Saves battery the easy way. Night is the best time when you don't want to be disturbed and when you want to conserve battery. In the morning at the Set time, it automatically comes out of flight mode. So now you are ready to receive calls and messages as needed.
A perfect application for the simple purpose of saving your battery. No need to mess around with complex settings. Easy to use for novices and advanced user. Why have other complex applications to do such a simple task?! Ask for more features by writing to me at nareshtechs at or visit my website and leave your comments.
Checkout all my other applications as well.
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